• Micro Dog Training Classes

    What are they?
    Quick, easy, 1-2 session classes to deal with specific, common dog training issues

  • Small But Mighty…

    Our “micro” dog training classes have been developed based on our customers’ feedback. We often find that after completing a basic or intermediate class, there are one or two items that must still be reinforced more than others, or “problem areas” that still require some ongoing work.

    To address this need, we have developed four micro dog training classes to help you work with your pup on these specific items.


    Go To Place

    This micro 2-day workshop will show you how to teach your dog to go to his “place” or bed. Whether you want to teach your dog to go into his bed at night, need him to go to his mat during agility class, or go to his place when you have visitors over, this is the class for you. Learn how to teach our dog this most valuable behavior!

    Price: $70/2 Sessions

    Next Class: No Dates Scheduled


    Polite Greetings

    Does your dog jump on everyone who enters your home? Can’t take him for a walk without him jumping on your neighbor’s kids? This class will show you how to teach your dog more appropriate behaviors when approached by people or when people enter your home. Wouldn’t it be great if he could sit instead of jump? This class will show you how!

    Price: $35/1 Session

    Next Class: No Dates Scheduled


    Impulse Control

    Have a crazy puppy? A rambunctious adult dog? Does he go bananas when he sees people, dogs, or anything else? Can’t settle him down at home? He may need to learn some impulse control! This class will help teach you and your dog techniques to use when he is getting a bit out of hand. Learn to channel that energy into more appropriate behavior.

    Price: $70/2 Sessions

    Next Class: Saturday January 27 at 1 pm


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    Micro Class Details

    • Each class is either 1 or 2 sessions
    • Pricing ranges from $35-$70
    • Each Class Lasts Roughly 1 Hour
    • Taught by Guest Trainer Janae James
    • Classes Deal with Specific Issues

  • Purely Positive Dog Training

    Our techniques are purely positive. We don’t advocate a human/dog relationship based on fear and/or coercion, and do not support or use choke collars, prong collars, shock collars or any aversive techniques that may damage your dogs trust in you or in humankind.