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Great Brewery
Dog Classes

Want a Great Brewery Dog?
Want to take your dog to the new brewery or local winery? Or maybe just out to lunch? 
Unleashed Joy is now a certified Drink With Your Dog® class instructor and can help you do just that!

Wouldn't you love to take your dog to the local brewery or winery!

Have you dreamed of being able to take your dog to a local brewery or winery? Where your pooch would lay under the table while you drink with friends; or walk up nicely to the counter while you order a drink—all without jumping on people or the counter? 

With a little know-how and training, we can help make your dream of a doggie drinking companion come true!Even if you don't drink beer or wine, these are important skills for your dog to know. These behaviors will also

help you if you want to take them to an outdoor cafe, concert or even just to the park. Prepare for a real-life adventure together that is fun, exciting, and rewarding!

Here are some of the skills that your dog needs in order to be able to safely join you at a brewery or winery, and be a great brewery dog:

  • Remaining calm around people and other dogs

  • Staying on a mat for a duration of time

  • Calmly walking around people and dogs and up to a counter to order

  • The ability to leave to leave things that may fall on the floor

  • Quick recovery and tolerance around a lot of loud noises

In addition, your dog must be tolerant of other dogs and people, not be a big barker, and not jump on everyone they see. We want our brewery visits to be stress free for all involved. Human and dog.

None of our Brewery classes are appropriate for aggressive or reactive dogs.

If you are uncertain if this pertains to your dog, please contact us at

We offer two levels of classes:

Level 1: Brewery Basics Class

Prerequisite: Our Brewery Foundations Class or equivalent.

Your dog must be able to walk by your side, not jump on people, and settle on a mat for at least 30 seconds. 

In our Brewery Basics class, you will build on the skills your dog has previously learned either in our Brewery Foundation Skills class, or another Basic Good Manners class. See prerequisites above.

  • Your dog will learn to walk nicely up to a counter while you order, and go back to your seat while you carry your drink.

  • They will have the ability to sit quietly under your table while you enjoy time with your friends.

  • They'll learn to greet people and other dogs calmly and without jumping on them.

  • Plus, they'll be able to leave anything that may fall onto the floor near them.


You and your dog will learn all of the skills needed to become a great brewery companion!

Location: Liquidity Aleworks. 8 N. Main Street Mt. Airy, MD 21771

When: TBD

This is a 4 week class. 

Each class is 60 minutes.

Cost $160

Level 2: Out and About Brewery/Winery Class

Prerequisite: Our Level 2 Brewery Basics class

Once you have completed our Brewery Basics class, you'll be ready for our Level 3 Out and About class!

Each week, we'll visit a different local brewery or winery so you can show off your dog's mad brewery skills! In this class, you will receive one free glass of wine or beer!


Location: Classes will be held at four different local breweries and wineries

(Locations will be determined by client location)

When: TBD

This is a 4 week class.

Each class is 60 minutes.

Cost $160

DRINK WITH YOUR DOG® is a trademark of Summit Dog Training LLC

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