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Behavior Modification

Private Behavior Modification

What is it?
Private training to address your dog’s behavioral issues

Behavioral Issues? We Can Help

Does your dog growl or snap at you when you approach him while he is eating? Is he fearful of every visitor that comes into your home? Does he bark incessantly? We offer Private Behavior Modification sessions in your home to help work with you and your dog through any behavioral issues that your dog may have.

We can help work with you and your dog to address any of the following behaviors:

  • Fearfulness or aggression toward people or dogs

  • Resource guarding of food, toys, people, favorite items

  • General fear or anxiety issues

  • Excessive barking

  • Leash reactivity

Choose From:

-One in-home 90 minute session for $175

-One 60 minute Zoom session for $95

We offer a package of five sessions for $625.

The first session is on Zoom where we discuss what the issue(s) are with your dog, and come up with a plan. The remaining 4 sessions are at your home where we implement the plan. All sessions are 60 minutes.  

 Please contact us to book your appointment.

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