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Day Training

Private Day Training

What is it?
In-home or in-facility training with just us and your dog.

Private Training for Busy Folks

Due to your busy schedule you may not have the time that is necessary to teach your dog what you would like him to know. With our Private Day Training, we come to your home while you are out at work or away on travel. We do all the training, so you don’t have to. We’ll show you how to continue to reinforce the good behaviors when we’re done to maintain the training we have started. We use all positive training techniques so you need not be worried about sending your dog to a “doggy boot camp” or facility where they could be using techniques which are aversive or hurtful to your dog. You have unlimited follow-up support up to 6 months after, through phone and email.

With our Private Day Training, we provide in-home Basic Good Manners training packages that teach your dog behaviors such as Sit, Down, Wait, Trade, Leave It, Polite Greetings, Loose Leash Walking and Recalls (coming when called). We also work with any behavioral issues that your dog may have such as Leash Reactivity, Fear/Anxiety Issues, Aggression, Excessive Barking, and more

  • Variable Pricing Based on Needs

  • Initial Consult With You and Your Dog

  • 45 - 60 minute Sessions With Just Your Dog

  • Wrap-up Session to Show You What/How Your Dog Learned


Please contact us for more information.


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