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Out and About

Private Out and About Training

What is it?
We'll meet you and your dog at different places to work on his manners while in public.

Ready For A Field Trip?

Many people are uncomfortable taking their puppy or dog out to different places because they don't know how they will act and if they will be able to keep them under control.

With our Out and About Private Sessions, we meet you and your puppy or dog at different places and show you how to work on calm behavior when people want to greet them, not reacting to other dogs or people, how to settle, and what to do if they seem worried about someone or something.

We can meet at local parks, dog friendly stores, shopping centers or outdoor restaurants. 


This is great  for puppies just getting out in the world as well as grown dogs that need help generalizing behaviors in different settings. We can even safely take your puppies out if they haven't had all of their shots yet to get maximum socialization. We use carts and strollers for the young puppies so they can get out there and see things without their feet touching the ground. 


*These sessions are not suitable for reactive or aggressive dogs. 

*Having previous good manners training is helpful but not a prerequisite. 

*The sessions are not to address basic good manners issues, including leash walking. 

We offer a package of four 60 minute sessions for $500.

Please contact us to book your appointment.

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