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Board and Train

Board & Train Dog Training

What is it?
Your dog will stay with us and complete training sessions each day.

A Working Vacation For Your Pup

There are many “board and train” services available from dog trainers in the area. By and large, these are offered by trainers that offer a “guarantee” of some sort and use aversive techniques like shock collars (e-collars), prong collars, choke chains, spray bottles, and any number of other techniques that we neither suggest nor tolerate.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we are purely positive! In accordance with that approach, our board and train dog training service is more like a working vacation for your dog than a “boot camp”, which just sounds scary when you think about it. We work with pet dogs and at the core of our training philosophy is a belief and understanding that better communication with your dog leads to a much better and more enriching human/canine bond. That is what we work toward in our training sessions.

If your goal is to help your dog become socialized and an overall better member of your family, our board and train service is for you.

What Will We Be Doing?

Glad you asked. Board and train includes a phone consult or meeting prior to and a session in your home after our board and train program (If you live within 60 minutes of us. Otherwise we'll do that at our place.) We will show you precisely what we’ve done while training your dog, and why, and show you how to maintain the behaviors. You will receive a written report, pictures throughout their stay, and some videos showing how they are doing. You will also have support for any questions or concerns you may have afterward.


While your dog stays with us, he’ll sleep comfortably overnight and hang out with our own dogs during the day. It'll be like his little vacation!

Oh – and while he’s with us, WE WILL HAVE FUN! Because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point?

We offer two lengths of stay for our board and train clients.

1)  Four Weeks (30 Nights)

This is our most popular Board and Train Program.  This allows for the most repetition and consistency to ensure that all behaviors are learned effectively and with proofing.  In addition to the multiple daily sessions and repetitions we put in, we also take them out to the park, Home Depot, Pet store, etc. to expose them to lots of different people and things and help them generalize behaviors. When they are done, we have a session to go over how to maintain the behaviors that they have learned.


2) Two Weeks (14 Nights)

This two week stay and learn isn't as comprehensive as our full month of board and train, but sometimes, you just need a refresher or a couple of behaviors worked on. In our two week board and train program, we can work up to 4 behaviors and put in as many repetitions as possible to help the behavior become a habit.

We know that often, habits take a long time to form, so you would know that we are getting it started for you and will show you how to continue reinforcing the behaviors. After two weeks, we have a session to go over how to maintain the behaviors that they have learned.

Please contact us for pricing and for more information.


Both of our board and train programs are for puppies 6 months and under.

(Our Board and train is not appropriate for dogs with fear anxiety, reactivity or aggression.)

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