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In-Home Group Training

Private Group In-Home Dog Training

What is it?
In-home, basic good manners for multiple dogs

Yappy Hour, Anyone?

Do you have two dogs that could benefit from training? Have neighbors or friends that would also like to teach some basic good manners to theirs dogs? We offer group discounts on classes held in your home with up to three of your friends and their dogs.

With Group In-Home Lessons, we teach basic good manners including Sit, Down, Polite Greetings, Leave It, Trade, Loose Leash Walking and Recalls (come when called).

Please keep in mind that the group in-home lessons are for Basic Good Manners only – any behavior issues that may be of concern would have to be in private lessons.

We offer a package of four sessions. The cost for each dog is $300.

The sessions are at your home. The first session is 90 minutes, the remaining four sessions are 60 minutes.   Please contact us to book your appointment.

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