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Private Training

In-Home Private Dog Training

What is it?
We come to your home to train your puppy or adult dog.
dogw leash

We can work with you and your puppy in the comfort of your own home, teaching them all of the basics as well as all puppy-related issues.

out and about
Adult Etiquette

Training for your adult dog, in your home. You and your dog will learn all of the basics as well as work on any issues  that they may have.

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Out and About

We meet you and your puppy or dog at different places and work on calm behavior, not reacting to other dogs or people, settle, as well as other things.

group classes

Have a friend or neighbor that also wants some basic training for their dog? We can teach multiple dogs basic good manners in your home. 

day training

Busy? We can train your dog in your

home without you

and then go over the training sessions

to show you how to maintain behaviors once finished.

behavior modification
Behavior Modification

Behavior problems? We work with your shy, aggressive, or fearful dog on issues like excessive barking, general fear or anxiety, resource guarding, aggression, and others

Strengthen the Bond with Your Dog

We believe that training your dog makes him a more confident, happy and successful member of your home. Training strengthens your bond with your dog. At Unleashed Joy Dog training, we use the most up-to-date, positive training methods available.


We will teach your dog what our words mean such as “sit,” “down,” “leave it,” etc. They will learn self control and how to be a more polite member of not only your home, but of society. Our training methods are well-documented and proven to work more effectively and efficiently. We use a combination of classical and operant conditioning. We help your dog learn desired behaviors by positively reinforcing them, and decrease undesired behaviors by eliminating reinforcement of them.


We don’t advocate a human/dog relationship based on fear and/or coercion, and do not support or use choke collars, prong collars, shock collars or any aversive techniques that may damage your dogs trust in you or in humankind.


You’ve made a long term commitment that requires teaching, guidance and love.

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