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Reactive Dog Training Classes

What are they?
A great opportunity to get experience working with your reactive dog in a controlled, safe environment while being exposed to real-life situations and working on desensitizing him to the “triggers” that make him react. We have three different levels to choose from. 


Reactive Dog Class

Reactive Dog? Don’t Worry, We Can Help!

Through the use of classical and operant conditioning, we strive to change not just the reactive behavior, but also the underlying emotional response that creates it. We use an entirely force-free  approach using no aversive tools or techniques. Using something aversive to your dog to try  to “correct” the behavior often backfires and just creates more fear.

In class you have the opportunity to work with other dogs in a safe setting with professionals to guide you through. Our goal is that no one actually reacts. It’s orchestrated in a way that the dogs only see each other under controlled circumstances. We want to help you better understand what is going  on with your dog and give you the tools to work with it. You will know what to do in certain situations and learn how to better manage this behavior.


Let’s Do This…

Level One - Essential Reactive Dog Class

Level One is our Essential Reactive Dog class. It is 6 consecutive weeks. The first two sessions are on Zoom. In the first Zoom, we’ll help you gain more insight into your dog’s behavior and how we work with it to make it better. The second Zoom session we cover dog body language and communication, and address all of the logistics of the in-person classes for the following weeks. 


Once you sign up , we will send you a packet of information about leash reactivity.  This information covers what we’ll go over in our first Zoom session.  Once we begin the in-person sessions, we will work with you to learn how to watch your dog’s body language, identify their triggers, learn what their threshold distance is, and learn how to use counter conditioning and desensitization to work with them. We give you the tools to be able to work on this behavior in your home environment.

Our Next Reactive Dog Class Begins: 

Saturdays: Beginning October 7 through November 11 at 12:00 PM

Each class is six sessions long.


60 minutes per session.

The first two sessions are on Zoom. 

Cost: $390

Zoom access will be given once you register and pay for class.

The remaining 4 sessions are held at our facility, Canine Prep School.

11701 Prices Distillery Road Damascus, MD 20872.

Have You Successfully Completed Our Level One Reactive Class

and Now Feel Ready to Go Out Into the Real World?


Level Two - Out And About With Your Reactive Dog

Prerequisite is successful completion of our Essential Reactive Dog Class. 

Please contact Beth to confirm that this class will be appropriate for your dog:

Level Two is for those of you that have completed our Level One - Essential Reactive Dog Class. 

We'll take it to the next level and work in real life situations. Each week, we'll meet at a different location and practice the skills that we learned in the first class. This class is four weeks long. 

This will be an outdoor class. Weather permitting. Locations will vary.

Our Next Level Two Class Begins: 

Saturdays: September 23 through October 14 at 10:00 AM

Class is four sessions long. 

60 minutes per session. 

Locations vary.

Cost: $200

Need Some More Practice In a Classroom Setting? 

Have you completed our first class and would like to continue working with your dog? Our Add-On sessions are just the thing if you need a little more time and/or confidence in working with your reactive dog in class.


Level Three - Reactive Class Replay 

Prerequisite is completion of our Essential Reactive Dog Class. 

Our Reactive Addendum Class is for those of you that have completed our Level One - Essential Reactive Dog Class and feel that you can still use some practice in the group class setting.  Maybe you're not ready to take your dog out and about in our level two class and want to gain more confidence first. 

Our Next Add On Class Begins: 


Class is four sessions long. 

60 minutes per session. 

Location: 11701 Prices Distillery Road Damascus, MD 20872

Cost: $200

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