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Doggie Daycare Gallery

Guys…Let me in!

At Unleashed Joy Doggie Daycare, we see dogs doing just about everything. What’s funny is that the dogs mostly play constantly and then have relatively brief periods of rest lasting a couple seconds to 15-20 minutes. While they’re playing, however, they move so fast that it’s tough to get good photos of them! As a result, we have a lot of “lazy dog” pics along with some of the very few action shots we manage to get. We’ll add videos later on so everyone can see those dogs at play.

For now, here’s a mixed gallery showing the “dog days” at Unleashed Joy. Every day at our “Daytime Playtime” is fun for these gorgeous pups (and for us!).

Oh, and this guy (to the left, looking into the door of “Daytime Playtime”) – that’s Bode. He LOVES hanging out with his buds at Unleashed Joy, staying overnight at our new boarding facility, cuddling up with our staff, and playing with our own dogs.

Let’s Look at Some Cute Dogs!

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