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What We Mean by “Dog Boarding with Love”

Nala & Meg Cozy

Meg and Nala, getting cozy…

At Unleashed Joy, we say that we offer dog boarding services “with love.” But what do we mean by that exactly? Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so perhaps that’s the best way for you to know precisely what we mean.

What we like to do with the dogs in our care is treat them like our own, and try to make their stay with us like being at home. We also like to make sure that they have as much fun as possible.

What can we say? We’re dog lovers and we like to see them happy, we like to spend time with dogs, and we like to see them form their own dog friendships at our facility! It is, to say the least, very gratifying.

Here are a few more photos from some recent nights at the boarding facility. You’ll see Nala again, as well as Dudley, and our buddy Brody. It appears that Nala and Dudley have become fast friends as well!


Night Night everyone…


Hi Mom and Dad – I found a new friend!


Sleepy Brody…

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