Dog Training For You & Your Best Friend

We get dogs to share and enrich our lives, but sometimes the things they do just drive us crazy! Let Unleashed Joy help teach your dog what he needs to know in order to become the family member you want him to be. We provide dog training services in Ellicott City and throughout Maryland, serving Howard County, Carroll County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County and Baltimore City.

Unleashed Joy uses only positive dog training methods that are well-documented and proven to work more effectively and efficiently. Through the use of a combination of classical and operant conditioning, we help your dog learn desired behaviors by positively reinforcing them, and decrease undesired behaviors by eliminating reinforcement of them. We now also provide doggy day care services!

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You may use our contact form to leave us a message via email, or call us directly at 410-404-6492

Group Classes

Group dog training classes are perfect for those who want to teach their dogs in a classroom setting. Classes are helpful for dogs to be able to learn alongside other dogs. You'll get to see how your dog interacts not only with other dogs, but other people. Time and temperament permitting, we also like to have a little play time at the end of each class.

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Private Sessions

Private dog training sessions are geared toward people that may not be able to fit a group class into their schedule. We offer a variety of great in-home dog training classes for puppies and adult dogs. These sessions also may be helpful for extremely shy or reactive dogs. We can also help you with any behavioral issues that you may be facing with a private session.

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Dog Daycare

Hate leaving your dog home all day by himself? Does he need more exercise? At Unleashed Joy's Daytime Playtime, we'll babysit your dog and introduce him to some new friends. Feel great knowing your dog is safe and happy because he is being watched by dog trainers who know all about dogs, dog play, dog body language and dog behavior!

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Casey Blevins

My Summer Internship with Unleashed Joy

Article by Casey Blevins, Unleashed Joy Intern ello! My name is Casey Blevins and I’m the new summer intern at Unleashed Joy. This internship is another step towards earning my Agricultural Business Management degree at West Virginia University. With one semester left before graduation, I would like to soak up all the real-world business experiences […]

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Training a Hearing Impaired Dog

By Nicole Wright, Unleashed Joy Dog Trainer I recently had the opportunity to work with a hearing-impaired dog while taking a training course. It may have been the most rewarding training experience I’ve had yet. At first, we didn’t know she was hearing-impaired. I’m going to share some details about how we discovered this (and […]

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Kong Recipes

Kong Recipes for Your Dog

Hey! Check out this video by Jessica Ring, an Unleashed Joy dog trainer. It’s for kong recipes…kongs are a great, easy, and interactive way to feed your dog healthy foods in a fun and interactive manner. Your dog can spend plenty of time having fun getting the kong stuffing out!

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Doggy Daycare

Daytime Playtime – Howard County Dog Daycare

Well, we have some news to put out there, and we’ve very excited! Just this week, Unleashed Joy began offering “Daytime Playtime,” a dog daycare service located in Ellicott City and serving Howard County and the surrounding areas. How is your dog daycare different? Glad you asked! In addition to using alliteration liberally in our blog […]

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Happy Pup

The World is Not Flat

Positive Dog Training I’m a positive dog trainer. A REAL positive dog trainer. I don’t say that and then tell you to put a choke chain or shock collar on your dog. I train dogs using science-based methods that have been proven time and again to work. I’m often pulled into conversations about shock collars […]

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Clicker Training Your Dog

By Jessica Ring, Unleashed Joy Dog Trainer What the heck is clicker training anyway? Why use a clicker? A clicker is a small plastic object that makes a distinct “click” noise when pressed. For many trainers and owners, the clicker provides us with a way to be more clear and less confusing. The click is […]

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Dog Breeds

Are some breeds harder to train than others?

By Jessica Ring, Unleashed Joy Dog Trainer What a loaded question! The simple answer is no. Learning theory applies to all dogs, regardless of breed, size or age. Behaviors that are reinforced are strengthened and behaviors that are not reinforced are weakened. Different breeds do have different genetic tendencies, meaning they are more easily reinforced […]

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anthropomorphizing dogs

Anthropomorphizing Our Dogs

By Nicole Wright, Unleashed Joy Dog Trainer When Beth first asked me to write a blog post about anthropomorphism, the act of ascribing human qualities to nonhuman animals or objects (we’re interested in how people anthropomorphize dogs), I thought this would be a pretty easy topic. Should be straightforward, I figured; I’ll talk about how […]

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Reactive Dog Class

Our Latest Reactive Dog Classes

Our latest reactive dog class just ended.  I am always amazed and gratified to see what a difference the class makes for these dogs and their people. Our first two classes are without dogs.  The people come to this with horror stories of how terrible their dogs are. Their neighbors think their dogs are  dreadfully […]

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