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Halloween Costumes For You and Your Best (4-Footed) Friend

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

The best couple’s costumes for a dog and handler often rely on making the dog look like something he already looks like. One reason is this means less “stuff” on the dog, which since many dogs don’t like wearing things unless they’ve been properly conditioned to them, is a big plus. Below are my favorite dog and handler costume ideas.

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf or Wolf/Grandma

Who doesn’t know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? Whether your dog goes as the straight Wolf, or the Wolf in Grandma’s clothes, this costume is a delight.

The human should wear whatever clothes they have that say “fairy tale peasant” and of course the iconic red cloak or capelet. The dog can either go without a costume to be the straight Wolf, or wear a sleeping cap to be the Wolf pretending to be Grandma. 

Leonhard Seppala with one of his teams, Togo is on the far left

Leonhard Seppala and Togo

If you’re looking for obscure historical characters for your Halloween costume, Leonhard Seppala and Togo are a great choice. Seppala was a Norwegian born Alaskan who first imported Siberian Huskies. During the 1925 Serum Run to Nome he and his team (lead by Togo) ran both the furthest distance and the most dangerous pieces of the relay. Seppala was also the breeder and owner of the lead dog who made the last piece of the relay and became famous, Balto. Togo’s life story is told in the Disney+ film Togo.

A costume for Seppala could include either a parka (hope it’s cold where you’re going) or perhaps something less warm, like a flannel shirt. Togo should wear a harness, but any harness that your dog is used to can work, rather than a weight pull or sledding harness (unless of course you have one of those lying around). Togo won several competitive races, so if you have ribbons or medals you can put on your dog that would add to the costume. Please note: do not try to have your dog pull anything unless wearing a properly fitted weight pulling harness and under supervision of an expert.

Little Bo Peep and Her Sheep

Little Bo Peep has found her sheep! This costume is best for a medium to large white dog, but since sheep come in other colors it works for other colored dogs as well.

The human should wear a long skirt (bell shaped preferred), a wide brimmed hat, and carry a shepherd’s crook (a walking stick will do if that’s what you have). The dog’s costume can vary. Some dogs will tolerate a sheep costume, made from a cape or vest covered with cotton balls which can be glued on. Other dogs it’s best to just pretend.

Magician and Rabbit

The classic magic trick of pulling a rabbit out of a tophat is so well known that referencing it is a perfect costume for you and your dog.

The human should wear a black suit or tux (black vest recommended), top hat, and carry a wand. The dog can wear bunny ears on a headband or snood such as these designed for pets. 

Han Solo (or another character) and Chewie

For this costume the dog dresses as Chewbacca from Star Wars, and the human can dress as Han Solo or another Star Wars character if that is preferred. This costume works especially great with shaggy brown dogs.

The dog should wear a sash that looks as much like Chewie’s bandolier as possible. If going as Han Solo, the human can wear black pants, a white long sleeved shirt, and black vest. Don’t forget a belt with toy guns to complete the look.

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